No Cost Giving


Help support refugees by paying for your everyday expenses & gifts with gift cards!

There’s no catch: Buy cards at face value, get face value at retailers. Each purchase you make generates a percentage towards our cause, with no cost to you.

We’ve teamed up with FundScrip to provide you access to over 160 retailers. If you live in the Centennial-Port Union community, we suggest coordinating a paper-order form with PUC by emailing

Otherwise, you can support us by placing your order online today:

If prompted, the invitation code is 248MNE


If ordering online, there are three ways to pay: 

1. Set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). While this is no cost to you, you will need to provide FundScrip with a blank cheque. This is a great option if you want to continue giving!
2. Credit card. This is an option, though not one we recommend as the credit card fee (1.99%) is deducted from our earnings.
3. Online bill payment. Just like paying your utilities. Quick to set up and free to use.

With Gratitude,



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